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Dear Glee FanFic Writers/Artists

Since today is Glee FanFic Writer appreciation day [especially Faberry writers in my case because that’s 99% of the fanfic I read anyway, 1% is Brittana] and I have no arts skills whatsoever, I’ll thank you all using my words. Thank you to all the writers that indulge in their fantasies and take the time out of their very busy lives to write fluff, porn/smut, angst, and everything else. Thank you for sharing it with us simple minded folk that don’t have such amazing capabilities. Thank you for staying true to the characters you’ve chosen to write about and giving them incredible story lines that can serve as our head canon in lieu of what the show’s writers spew out. Also thank you to all the amazing manip wizards out there that make drawings, photosets, gifs, and videos. You guys are awesome too!! And finally, thanks to those that do write smut/porn because it makes all of us readers super happy, very super happy.